Stop wasting money. Give our regular buses back!

Tell us why you're signing this...

We have published a sample of lightly edited comments our supporters have made when signing. There is a clear picture emerging, we think. If you've not yet signed, please do, and let us know why...

"Need to restore regular transport and stop wasting money on the bus on demand scheme, which doesn't work or the gimmick of free birthday buses. I can't believe how much money has already been wasted on these schems so far. Very concerning"
Maggie H, 18 November

"I rely on bus no 94 to go to Bath . We have no other bus coming here. It is our lifeline without which we are stranded. Please don't desert the little rural villages. The 94 serves Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset. It is only once every two hours, Mon to Fri but vital to us. Thank you"
Alison C, 15 November

"Ubley has no bus service at all now. Westlink not always practical espec for retired people. Took 2 hrs for neighbour to connect and arrive Bristol."
Ann L, 8 November

"Forcing communities to be isolated from essential services, leisure, employment and education opportunities because they don't have a car, can't have a car and simply don't want a car is immoral. No more gimmicks, just decent and frequent rural bus services to Bath and Bristol."
Ian H, 7 November

"I retired in January this year and was very pleased to receive my bus pass. Then two months later you took away the rural bus 667 which picked me up at minsmere rd and dropped me at Keynsham high street as well as a point I could use to travel to Bristol and bath for hospital appointments etc. I am unable to walk to the nearest bus stop and I am effectively imprisoned in my home 24/7. I have three serious health conditions and taking this local bus service away has seriously impacted my physical and mental well being. The replacement service Westlink has proved unsatisfactory for a number of reasons. I had a doctor's appointment at 9 am on a Monday. When I phoned on the Thursday before I was told I needed to phone back the day before. I am not going to rely on making an important appointment until the day before which would have been a Sunday. The four occasions I have had to phone Westlink on two occasions I had to wait half an hour for an answer and 10-15 minutes the other two. Surely this is unacceptable? I have worked all my life and expected to be treated a little less cavalierly in my days as a pensioner."
Louis W, 6 November

"Because we di not have any public transportation available in my and neighboring villages (Chew Valley). We do not even have safe paths for cycling and uber service. Taxi (very expensive) must be arranged days if not weeks ahead. We are totally isolated unless we drive.; Because we di not have any public transportation available in my and neighboring villages (Chew Valley). We do not even have safe paths for cycling and uber service. Taxi (very expensive) must be arranged days if not weeks ahead. We are totally isolated unless we drive. Westlink is a joke. It does not work as promised"
Costanza E, 3 November

"To enable my daughter to get to school independently (live in Timsbury, school in Bath). Currently this is not possible."
Kathryn W, 2 November

"I have already signed the petition but wanted to highlight to the WECA Mayor what I witnessed today so that perhaps he can appreciate his stupidity. I went up to Keynsham Town to catch the 09.15 A4 Airport bus to Bath. At the bus stop indicated it was 48 minutes late. I did shopping then back to bus stop. At 9.30 am an elderly couple told me they had been waiting since 7.45 am as they had a hospital appointment in Bath. They ended up going home. Perhaps the Mayor would like to stuff that down his stupid bypass plans. Better still, perhaps he should move to Keynsham to live to get a better perspective on life in the real world. So don't waste your time and our millions designing 'birthday buses". I know there are road works on the A38 causing problems but if we had an occasional bus from Bristol coming through the town we wouldn't have to rely solely on the A4 air decker."
Valerie W, 1 November

"Current ‘service’ is infrequent and unreliable. We also need a bus which goes direct to Bath, so people can get to work or hospital etc"
Susannah A, 1 November

"We rely heavily upon our rural bus service for school and work"
Mike M, 31 October

"This is a social disaster for the rural communities in NES Money for transport should be spent where it is most needed"
Valerie K, 30 October

"We need our local bus service!!!!!"
Christopher A, 30 October

"The buses should be placed back into public ownership. Non profit making routes are constantly being cut and rural communities suffer as a consequence."
Sarah F, 29 October

"I think it would be a loss of an important public service that links small communities to larger centres. Removing this service will leave some people isolated. The "on demand" service does not work, is unreliable and people are left waiting too long."
Joy F, 28 October

"a bus to Bristol and to Wells with a daily timetable would be very valuable"
William B, 28 October

"Rural bus services are important. The Government have given you millions to support the provision of such service. However you engage in gimmicks such as birthday bus passes."
John T, 27 October

"Get a grip, Dan... A regular, reliable bus service is essential for far too many people for them to be ignored."
Barry L, 25 October

"Frequent, reliable and affordable bus fare’s are what will keep people using public transportation. Our experiences with rural busses have not been great. When our children needed buses to access their places of education they were regularly let down by bus’s either being late, cancelled or full and not stopping. My children used the Radstock bus to access St Brendans and the Bristol to Bath bus (stopping at the Talbot) to access Bath college. They now regularly use the train and Ubers to get about as they are both cheaper and more reliable."
Debbie B, 25 October

"I feel isolated since we have lost our local bus - I don't go out anymore can't afford a taxi so stay home all the time"
Lynn U, 24 October

"I agree that WECA should stop wasting money on paint jobs and free tickets for people with buses and to restore reliable public transport in North East Somerset now. It would also be great if WECA and the Council members would stop playing 'politics' with our money and our lives."
Keith J, 24 October

"Like many pensioners, from time to time I rely on this service to travel into Bath."
Graham J, 24 October

"we need a reliable daily bus service not a dial a ride. how are we supposed to go to Bristol to the shops . You know where you are when you have a bus timetable not this dial a ride nonsense."
Kay M, 24 October

"It would be callously irresponsible to simply abandon all those elderly and infirm residents of the villages served by the 94 bus. Without this service they have no way of getting into Bath and Trowbridge. In addition the service is extensively used by school children. How do they get to school otherwise except by cluttering the roads with more cars accompanied by increased environmental damage. Bus services should serve the public where they are needed."
Frederick B, 23 October

"Buses are vital to any plans to cut emissions in Bath and elsewhere and should be a key part of overall traffic policy. Cutting buses also discriminates against those without the means to run a car."
Sian G, 23 October

"I feel angry about the thought of losing all the regular bus services, especially the 94 Trowbridge service I use on a regular basis. It is used daily by the students and elderly at Monkton Combe."
Adrienne B, 23 October

"If Bath council want us to use our cars less, they MUST provide bus routes that serve the surrounding villages. We need a bus service from Monkton Combe to ease school traffic and allow an elderly population some independence and ability to travel. A green Bath means offering reliable and regular bus services to our rural communities."
Lee S, 23 October

"Need the bus to get to work"
Adam S, 22 October

"The No. 94 bus is the only effective means of transport out of the village for those without cars. It is an essential lifeline for the elderly."
Ian G, 22 October

"Our new WESTlink bus service is completely unreliable- sometimes you can book a bus but mostly not. My son wants to use it for travelling to Bath university but most often I have to take and fetch him because he can’t book a bus at the right time. Sometimes he can book it, but not book the return. The app is incredibly frustrating to use as more often than not you are unable to book a bus because the system is busy, then you have to start the whole process again which is very annoying and wastes a lot of time. I often find that I can only book a bus in the middle of the night! The app should show times available close to the time you have selected and you should also be able to book a regular time a week ahead rather than just one day. When it all works it is a cost effective way of travelling for young people from rural villages to Bath and Bristol but it is just not good enough at the moment to rely on. There should at least be a regular chew valley bus service that goes to Bath and Bristol every morning and returns late afternoon so young people can travel to university or work from the villages to save paying extortionate student rent costs in these cities."
Sarah L, 22 October

"Keynsham is suffering from lack of buses to Bath. What's the point of bus lane for about 3 buses an hour on by pass and what's the point of bus stops on the bypass, nobody lives close by and its dangerous. He seems to refuse to acknowledge that Keynsham is a large town and needs buses from the town itself to Bath. He needs more common sense and the area he is covering is far too large. Better to keep Bristol Mayor and get rid of WECA as everyone is biased and Bristol is favoured much more. Knew this would happen when I voted against a Mayor for Glos, Bristol and Bath"
Valerie W, 20 October

"Buses in our rural area are essential to support the community and for peoples' well-being."
Patricia R, 19 October

"Bus services are a lifeline for rural communities and the WECA Mayor has the money to support them, now he needs the WILL."
Peter C, 19 October

"Buses are a lifeline - do not cut off rural communities and force people into using cars"
Kelsa S, 19 October

"a person i support uses this bus. without this option he would face severe social isolation which will negatively affect his mental health and wellbeing."
Rosie G, 19 October

"Regular bus user. Many disabled and deprived people in BANES should at least be able to get from their villages into Bath and Bristol."
Michael G, 18 October

"A person who attends a day service in Bath where I work relies heavily on this bus service to be able to get to us. He has communication difficulties and would be completely isolated without being able to attend our service and if this bus link is taken away he will have no way of seeing his friends, continuing with education and hobbies, communication support and all the other associated things that go with this like trips and community involvement with our staff team. I think cutting off a rural village like this that relies so heavily upon public transport is disgusting and will affect so many people in so many more ways than the councillors have thought about."
Jo B, 18 October

"People I support rely on this service to attend daily classes that enrich wellbeing, education and life."
Bob M, 18 October

"Villages need to continue to have access to regular, reliable public transport. If residents have injury/disability/unavailability or lack of access to a regular vehicle, in effect, we will become isolated from the surrounding areas. In this day & age we should be championing alternative transport measures including greener alternatives to enable people to make these choices but also to support when people do not have a choice."
J B, 16 October

"I’m signing because people in the rural areas of banes need access to buses to be able to access services. We are being asked to cut car use at the same time that bus services are being cut."
Sarah F, 16 October

"we have no bus through the village,many people cant get to the shops or docs appointments,we rely on public transport to conect us with other villages,,we have no shop in camerton."
Jayne W, 15 October

"There is no service for a large village which encourages too many cars. A disgrace"
Michaela A, 15 October

"Buses are the lifeblood of the countryside"
Alan F, 14 October

"Got no means of getting anywhere"
Joy A, 14 October

"Please restore these essential services"
Chris B, 14 October

"As an OAP in the Bath area I would be without any transport facilities"
Malcolm E, 13 October

"The people we support who take the bus that is being cut on a regular basis to meet people and do activities would be isolated and with very little to do."
Maike A, 13 October

"rural buses are vital to the health of the community"
Angela L, 13 October

"Without alternative transport people will never stop using cars for every journey,"
Kevan H, 13 October

"I don't drive and a connecting bus service is crucial."
Jenny S, 13 October

"If people are being encouraged not to use their cars , they need good public transport."
Wendy W, 13 October

"Many older people rely on buses as their main form of transport, and without a regular service in rural areas they find it difficult to get to appointments etc and risk becoming isolated."
Susan L, 13 October

"There’s a climate emergency. We have to provide good public transport to get people out of their cars. And we have to provide good public transport for people who haven’t got cars. Free tickets when it’s your birthday is an expensive gimmick and the money could be spent on actual rural need."
David P, 13 October

"This is an important service and a life line for many people with no other way of accessing transport. Please don’t do this."
Jane B, 12 October

"I am an active user of bus No94 Trowbridge-Bath (via Westwood, Freshford and Monkton Combe). Withdraw of this service (probably at the end of 2023) will cause me to give up my volunteering role at the RUH Bath."
Philip F, 12 October

"Complete waste of money on rebranding and mismanagement of funds. Keep the rural buses and restore the transport network"
Kevin M, 12 October

"I’ve seen an estimate that it would cost £2m pa to provide bus reconnections to residents in stranded villages and yet the WECA Mayor prefers publicity gimmicks like his £8m ‘free Birthday Buses’. Get real please."
Andrew P, 11 October

"I’m 86 year old and I find it very difficault to get into Bath. I know there is dial a ride bus I don’t like the booking system and I am online. I am desperate for transport. Westlink is not reliable."
Grabielle C, 11 October

"Reliable, regular public transport is needed now - right now. We need to re-think how we travel - immediately - to avoid further climate breakdown."
Virginia B, 10 October

"We need to get better public transport to stop our reliance on cars."
Andre L, 10 October

"We need better public transport to stop us using our cars."
Jacqueline L, 10 October

"I need my local bus."
Frank M, 10 October

"People in the villages outside of Bristol and Bath rely on a local bus service. It is not good enough to just have buses between major urban towns. Stop wasting tax payers money on WECA. Stop encouraging people to use their cars."
Kevin G, 10 October

"I live in Paulton and when I moved here I had two buses at the end of the street. Now I have none."
Gill P, 9 October

"If we want people to get out of their cars and use public transport, then reliable public transport has to be provided."
Sue E, 9 October

"For the past 15 years First buses service round Bath has been mediocre and expensive but now it’s much worse. Stops and frequency has reduced enormously. IE the bus from Bath to Southdown no longer stops at the station round 8am and the nearest stop is a 20/30 min walk from Widcombe. If it rains I get soaked."
Geraldine S, 8 October

"Keep the bus service going."
Susanne W, 8 October

"My son... has a learning difficulty... He catches the 94 bus three days a week to Bath... This journey was carefully practised... until he could do it independendedly. I support him in independent living... There is no other way that he could travel to Bath, except by the 94 bus. It is crucial that this service keeps running. I also use it"
Maureen B, 8 October

"It's a disgrace that Norris has cut buses, whilst enjoying spending our money on his frivolities. Buses in Bath never turn up or are late, therefore appointments, getting to work on time are a luxury we can not afford!"
John G, 7 October

"Tried Westlink and found it never gave me a journey. Not a regular user of buses but when I want to go anywhere by train it demands a taxi to Bristol or Bath making the journey more expensive than the car."
Margaret G, 7 October

"Tried West link several times and yet to have found a journey. Also website/app not very user friendly."
Duncan G, 7 October

"Rural transport is vital"
Mrs Marianne T, 7 October

"Without cheap and frequent bus services across the whole of B&NES people will either be trapped in their houses or have to use a car."
Steve M, 7 October

"Rural buses are essential"
Marion T, 7 October

"Rural buses are vital for those who can’t drive, whether too young, too old or medically unfit."
Juliet P, 6 October

"I used to live in Trowbridge and my mother-in-law still lives there. I’ve always known that the bus service in that area is poor and I am worried that it will get even worse."
Dmitri V, 6 October

"Because we need to support transport access for everyone"
Elodie G, 6 October

"My sister lives in this village, and more use and access of public Transport is so important, particularly in the more rural areas."
Cherry B, 6 October

"There is a bus crosses rural North East Somerset at least affecting 40000 people"
Asad M, 6 October

"Buses are essential for so many to access work, school, healthcare and essential services. They just not be cut off."
Ruth W, 6 October

"public transport is very important, for everyone!"
Kenneth A, 6 October

"I use buses a great deal for health reasons although I can walk to some extent. I think buses and their drivers are an integral part of our community, and I am most grateful for your involvement - and for all your other work."
Geraldine L, 6 October

"Because the 'war on cars' is only credible if there are reliable alternatives."
Dave W, 6 October

"We need the bus so everyone can get into Bath and not be forced to add extra cars onto the road in a village with very little parking."
Ria C, 6 October

"Common sense"
Sue R, 6 October

"I live in Limpley Stoke and this service is a lifeline to many people here."
Alice S, 6 October

"Buses are very import, giving access to education, health and work. They must be available to all at a reasonable cost"
Doris B, 6 October

"People need public transport not everyone has a car"
Irene R, 6 October

"Because it makes more sense than some of the alternative wasteful uses of the same amounts of available public money."
John A, 6 October

"Buses in rural areas are vital"
Eddie K, 6 October

"The 94 bus service amongst all the other rural bus services are an essential lifeline for many in the community. It is simply essential that that they remain operational"
Paul C, 6 October

"Climate crisis and congestion in our heritage city... should be encouraging use of public transport not scrapping it"
Emilia L, 6 October

"The bus gave me a vital transport link to Bath from the village. I am 83 years old"
Ellis L, 6 October

"I am 78 and rely on the bus to take me from the village of Priston into work on a daily basis. Since it’s been stopped I am having to ask other villagers for lifts in their cars. I feel the move was very discriminatory towards pensioners"
Heather L, 6 October

"Villagers need these buses they are a vital link for young and old"
Anthony G, 6 October

"I see older people getting out and about. It prevents isolation, degradation of heath and loneliness. It is very important."
Charlotte T, 6 October

"We would prefer to encourage our children to use public transportation rather than relying on parents to drive them around every where. It is part of teaching them independence and less cars on the road better for environment."
Vanessa R, 6 October

"There is absolutely no bus service to my village now - or even close - leaving a lot of us stranded or entirely dependent on being able to drive. Our bus used to be busy but was cancelled anyway. Please reinstate the service or at least spend a day trying to get here!"
Suzanne D, 6 October

"In Freshford, the no. 94 bus is in jeopardy"
Bevis N, 6 October

"I used bus often"
Ganna S, 6 October

"This bus service is clearly impacting on my Neighbour around me. The taxis charge higher price and we can’t do anything without own private vehicles. There are no way to school running even in this situation. My wife doesn’t drive and she is helpless if I am not at home. There are more to tell. Please strengthen the bus service to protect the environment and Neibourhood"
Rakshitha H, 6 October

"I don’t currently use the bus but in my previous job in Claverton it was the only way to get to work. For some people this is an essential service. My eldest child will use the bus to get to secondary school starting September 2024."
Jemma R, 6 October

"It’s a very useful service. I use it to get to and from freshford school with my children sometimes"
Joanne N, 6 October

"The 94 bus provides a vital connection between Freshford and essential services in Bath and Trowbridge - it enables villagers to attend medical appointments, shop, get to school, etc. Moreover, it's an environmentally sound way to travel. Without it, more people will be forced to drive their own cars (preciselytheoppositeofwhatweshouldbeencouraging), and those without will be completely isolated. The amount of funding required is relatively small. Please don't let go of our lifeline."
Gemma H, 6 October

"Available and regular bus transport has become a farce in NE Somerset. The travesty of the situation is inflicting financial hardship and mental stress on young families, the elderly, and those who are financially disadvantage and live in our rural communities, and who are dependant on affordable bus services!! Those in authority who are responsible for allowing this situation should be ashamed of their irresponsible actions!"
Alan B, 6 October

"Having reliable to public transportation to the charming villages of Somerset makes it easier to plan more eco-friendly stays in an area I came to love many years ago and intend to visit more in future."
Rebecca A, 6 October

"There are many older residents & a growing number of teenagers in Tunley - if you dont own or have access to a car without the bus you are stranded, isolated, unable to go anywhere or do anything. Come and spend a week in Tunley Mr Norris without a car and then talk about Bingo!"
Martha W, 5 October

"We used to use the bus from Timsbury to get into Bath, now we have no choice but to drive."
James T, 5 October

"I have non driving relatives living in outlying villages, along with many others, who have no form of personal transport. These cuts isolate communities. It is totally unacceptable. Dan Norris needs to get a grip on reality. He is totally out of touch how this adversely affects so many, but perhaps he and his cronies are not out of touch. Perhaps they simply do not care since they are unaffected by the lack of bus service."
Helen H, 5 October

"Need buses in rural locations."
Sandra C, 5 October

"I am very concerned that the 94 bus may be stopped. I use this bus to go from Limpley Stoke into Bath, as I'm trying to cut down emissions by not using my car whenever possible."
Carol M, 5 October

"This bus needs to be reinstated as us less able people are finding it difficult to do a lot of every day tasks"
Sarah H, 5 October

"The village of Camerton is hit particularly hard by the lack of a decent bus service. Dan Norris is crippling our elderly and non driving residents, and isolating people unfairly when there is plenty of funding for an essential service!"
Sue C, 5 October

"We had our D1 bus services reduced in Covid and never restored. They are now useless for commuting to work and school with buses being unreliable on timing and often full when the my arrive so you can’t get on. The Libra 94 service has been a lifeline and it’s loss will mean reverting to costly and environmentally damaging car commutes as we sit in queues to get to work / school."
Annika A, 5 October

"We need our bus services to get children/teens in & out of town, to school & back and to visit friends as a step towards independence."
Andrea A, 5 October

"I need the bus to get to work in Bath. You cannot park in Bath"
Tim B, 5 October

"If we lose our bus 94 we will only be able to visit Trowbridge plus our friends in Freshford will be totally isolated."
Judith S, 5 October

"A decent bus service is a lifeline for rural communities"
Charlotte C, 5 October

"The demise of local bus services is a shocking indictment on local communities leading to isolation and loneliness as well as hardship accessing facilities such as GO surgeries and schools. The police needs urgent overhaul an review to reinstate the 179."
Monica T, 5 October

"Working with young people who are NEET, social isolated and those who are neither, its abysmal that you have cut so many buses leaving lots of villages many where social housing is at its highest stranded without the use of a car. You talk about active travel but do decision makers live in the somer valley... Yes valley that means hills, it also means some of the busiest and narrowest road in the county. Use a bike, i might as well submit to the fact i will be injured in an rta on a regular basis. Use the cycle routes and travel double the distance on ungritted routes in winter, just as bad. Wake up. You are removing people's ability to work, to live and to connect."
Carrie F, 5 October

"I visit a friend in Timsbury and cannot drive, so need a bus service from Bath or Bristol to get me there, Septagenarian"
Robert W, 5 October

"Because we need to get out of our cars so a viable bus service is essential."
Maureen M, 5 October

"There are no busses that can get my 12 year old boy to school at a reasonable time. The 0710 is far too early as school isn’t open at that time and the one after at 0810 is always 20 minutes late due to the traffic so he gets to school late EVERY DAY! It is stressful for him to start his day late at school every day."
Elisa T, 5 October

"Local communities feel abandoned this is wrong we all need public transport."
Hilary S, 5 October

"The maintenance of a regular bus Network is essential in rural areas"
Gill A, 5 October

"To support a friend. I am elderly and rely totally on a rural bus service. Ir is a life saver."
Jennie P, 5 October

"Support rural communities by giving us back reliable bus services"
Isabelle F, 5 October

"The current service is so infrequent that it is extremely crowded, & late."
Elaine L, 5 October

"Buses should be playing a more vital role. It is critical that a regular and frequent bus service"
Lesley W, 5 October

"The on demand service is not a viable replacement in an area so inaccessible via public transport. It creates isolation and limits employment and economic growth"
Robinson E, 5 October

"Telling us to not use our cars but are not providing public transport now making more villager and citizens more isolated"
Vivienne G, 5 October

"We need this bus because we cannot walk and carrying shopping from the main bus route"
Christine S, 5 October

"I need the bus for work"
Lucas M, 5 October

"The continuation of local bus services is essential for the residents of our village"
Mandy M, 5 October

"Critical issue. It directly impact me"
Andraea D, 5 October

"Rural buses are an important service, especially for the elderly and people on low incomes"
Jessica S, 5 October

"I have never driven, I'm 65 and next year I finally qualify for my Bus Pass, something I've been looking forward to for years and which I've already had delayed by 6 years due to bureaucracy. Our village has just two buses, now under threat, both of which I use regularly. Shame on WECA!!"
Dave K, 4 October

"The 94 bus is an integral part of enabling some in the community to be able to function in society. The 94 is used by some children to get to and from school - other transport would need to be laid on with a huge additional cost to the taxpayer - and some elderly and those unable to drive depend on the 94 to be able to travel to Bath, Trowbridge and villages in-between."
John A, 4 October

"Frequent and reliable public transport is fundamental to getting people out of their cars, giving us cleaner air and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
Andrew K, 4 October

Georgina S, 4 October

"Local buses connecting villages to shops, banks, doctors etc as well as workplaces are essential. Councils taking the blame but not WECA and the mayor. I expected better, and now demand better. Buses are essential for people and towards the climate change targets."
Christine W, 4 October

"We need a better Bus service"
Michel H, 4 October

"Public transport is an essential part of life when living in rural areas."
Rosslyn G, 4 October

"Local buses are important for local communities and addressing sustainable transport in this climate emergency that we are in now."
Julia K, 4 October

"I'm signing this petition because it is not a pleasant experience to be living in a village and to feel isolated from surrounding towns and cities."
Cosmo B, 4 October

"Bring back the buses. Copy what they are doing in Manchester."
Mark R, 4 October

"It is very unfair to leave people in rural areas stranded like this."
Hazel R, 4 October

"People who live in villages need transport options, especially non-car drivers. We have to reduce CO2 emissions and forcing people to drive is not the way to do it! Just because we live in rural communities doesn't mean we should be forgotten"
Catherine C, 4 October

"This would be a great help getting our staff to and from work 👍"
Marie D, 4 October

"We own a small local business. The lack of public transport makes it hard to recruit."
Ayleen D, 4 October

"To support isolated people in rural locations. Westlink has proved to be unreliable. A regular bus route is a necessity to thousands."
Linda D, 4 October

"I feel a prisoner in my own village. Unable to get to the main bus routes nearly 2 miles away"
Clive R, 4 October

"Bus services to villages are critical to the disadvantaged"
Tim C, 4 October

"Need transport to and from Bath. My self, children, elderly and many moor from villages near by. Children are having to change schools because of no buss. Want a clean air zone in Bath but do not give us public transport to get there."
Antony H, 4 October

"I visit Combe Hay once or twice. The village needs a regular bus service the previouse one was used."
Felicity P, 4 October

"Two children whose fun has been seriously hampered by a poor service into Bath"
Kevin K, 4 October

"Not everyone has a car"
Michael R, 4 October

"We need a reliable bus service in the Chew Valley for those who cannot or choose not to drive into Bristol or Bath. Our MP has been very quiet on this subject."
Tim B, 4 October

"I use the 94 bus regularly and will be isolated without it"
Lawrence P, 4 October

"We need DAILY timetabled bus services that link the villages in BANES to Bath, Keynsham, Midsomer Norton and Radstock."
Katie H, 4 October

"The bus offers a safe and convenient link into Bath: for those who can't drive or afford a whole day's parking, it is an essential service."
Kate C, 3 October

"I regularly visit friends and family in this area and use the buses. It’s a vital link keeping the villages they live in connected to each other and Bath itself."
Karen S, 3 October

"The removal of the buses is now a huge inconvenience for going places, especially into bath, which I do every few days."
Ollie B, 3 October

"My teenagers cannot get into town without being driven, this is juxtaposed to the local authority to reduce car usage in bath. We would all be very happy to use cars less if there was a useful bus route that ran at useful times like in time for school runs or to commute to work in Bath."
Thomas B, 3 October

"Because we don’t have a proper bus service we can’t even catch a bus to our local hospital in Bristol or bath !!"
Claire P, 3 October

"Cancelling our already infrequent bus service has meant we have to use a car, taxi or very difficult Westlink bus service (which will not take us into Bath). The bus at least did take us into the city when needed."
Bruce C, 3 October

"This bus is a lifeline for so many. Removal would be criminal"
Graham B, 3 October

"I have lived at Old Bath Rd for nearly 30 years. The small bus was very helpful to me for many reasons like shopping , Dr’s appointments I now have to find other transport as I do not drive and am 83 years old.Please!! bring it back"
Pamela R, 3 October

"I live in Timsbury and it now takes me over an hour to travel to Bath which is just not workable."
Pauline F, 3 October

"Living in a village with little or no buses and being a pensioner is just so depressing. Please give is back our buses so we have a quality of life to go somewhere."
Julia F, 3 October

"This bus provides a vital transport link to the community."
Caroline A, 3 October

"We need lots more, cheap buses especially to outlying villages"
Susan G, 3 October

"It’s about time that those leaders who probably don’t use public transport got real about those who do."
Nick S, 3 October

"You don't want cars in the city so make it easier for people to travel by public transport!!!!"
Liz K, 3 October

"I’m a resident of Freshford and many people I know rely on this service to get to and from Bath. Both families with secondary school aged children, and older people who no longer want to drive and find the train less convenient or too expensive. We hope to use it for our own children when they reach secondary school age. Please keep this service running!"
Emily P, 3 October

"I am signing to help make transport accessible to those with no cars and to keep Co2 emissions as low as possible for all"
Mary U, 3 October

"The 94 is a vital service for those in villages around Bath. Not everyone drives and this service connects villages in Somerset and Wiltshire. I always use it to visit rural friends after getting off the train in Bath."
Lynne S, 3 October

"It is important for our village communities, young and old to feel connected to the towns and be able to access amenities. Using a bus service means less of us will use cars to get into towns reducing the impact on our climate whilst being able to support our town centres."
Annabel B, 3 October

"Westlink is under funded & unreliable, so cannot be counted on for commuting"
Keith B, 3 October

"Small villages need public links to towns for all amenities. Freshford is terrible to drive around and upping the number of cars will be negatively impacting on residents and the environment."
Helen P, 3 October

"This is such an important bus link for secondary school children to all schools in bath from Freshford and Limpley Stoke. We cannot lose this vital link and put more cars on the road which will inevitably follow if it is cancelled."
Jessica S, 3 October

"I have witnessed first hand the devastating impact caused by the removal of vital local bus services to a community."
Marcus L, 3 October

"Totally inconsiderate to not supply this bus route, for members of the public, young and old."
Jackie M, 3 October

"Connectivity for the community, help for elderly, school transport."
Tara L, 3 October

"Buses are vital to our community and the service must be protected."
Dudley H, 3 October

"A lifeline for the local residents of Freshford and local school children, this vital service contributes to the thriving nature of this village."
Jessica T, 3 October

"We need our little local buses"
Jon R, 3 October

"The climate crisis: we need more accessible public transport, not less."
Tricia W, 3 October

"I can't get to Bristol any more because the Westlink is often unable to send a bus...and when I do, I get stuck with no way back!"
Sarah J, 3 October

"Desperately needed for older people or anyone without a car"
Rowland B, 3 October

"Living in an isolated, rural village, the bus was the only means for some people to reach other towns. With no shops or other amenities here, the bus is essential for some."
Sue B, 3 October

"We must urgently reduce our CO2 emissions. One significant way to do this is to reduce the number of cars being used. To do this we need public transport for all, including rural communities."
Hugh P, 3 October

"We need more buses."
Paula G, 2 October

"Because I would like our bus service back"
Penelope C, 2 October

"I should get my bus pass in two years and would love to use our local bus . It’s very important for the elderly you can not drive"
Carole O, 2 October

"Without a reliable service people in rural areas lose jobs education recreation etc etc...We can't all drive, nor do we want more cars on the road"
Sally M, 2 October

"My driving life will end in the near future. I will be dependent on a 'BUS'"
Mary B, 2 October

"We need our buses back"
Lisa M, 2 October

"Money has been wasted whilst our bus services have been cut - birthday month travel and WestLink are poor use of money that could restore decent services to Somerst!"
Sean S, 2 October

"The village has no other transport to the town centre and the road is very dangerous for pedestrians (no lights, no side walk)"
Kathleen P, 2 October

"An eco bus keeps cars off the roads and out of low emission zones."
Christine B, 2 October

"Help rural communities and lower co2 and parking issues"
Filippa R, 2 October

"Reliable, regular public transport is a necessity for people who live in rural areas. Removing it encourages the purchase and use of cars for those who can drive and isolates people who cannot drive."
Nicholas W, 2 October

"We need buses at regular times not a poorly ran taxi service."
Mervyn W, 2 October

"We want our local bus back! WESTlink isn’t working"
Linda J, 2 October

"Our villages deserve a daily frequent reliable bus service."
Michelle H, 1 October

"Without public transport, those with no car are unable to travel outside the village"
Chris A, 1 October

"I live in Westwood, served by the 94 bus. I don't drive. This is a vital link to Trowbridge and Bath for me. There are few enough buses as it is and when one isn't available I walk through the woods to Avoncliff to get the train. I'm 60, mobility is not an issue for me, I can do the walk, even in the dark if I have to. Many residents would not be able to. I may not be able to in the future. These buses are so important to preserve independence, not to mention developing the same independence for our young people who don't drive either."
Rebecca R, 1 October

"Regular bus services help to keep people with a disability mobile but most importantly reduce the harmful environmental impact of the cars that would be back on the road if the bus service is curtailed."
Sue F, 1 October

"In a world where we need to get people out their cars and onto public transport to having it removed is disgraceful. Bring back our bus"
Terence , 1 October

"As a 93 year old widower living in Limpley Stoke for some 53 years, the 94 is my link to the outside world."
Derek P, 1 October

"The west link service is vague. You can't accept an appointment in the future is you can only book transport 24 hours in advance. Stop wasting money on fruitless promotion and expenditure on short term campaigns like birthday buses."
Rosemary T, 1 October

"It’s important to keep village transport, because some people don’t have cars .This gives people independence and have no family to give them lifts.The government want cars off the roads, but are not willing to give a bus service to villages."
Deborah P, 1 October

"94 Bus is older people’s lifeline to Bath and Trowbridge for appointments and shopping"
Nancy C, 30 September

"I am 77 years old, have never driven a car and rely mainly on the local 94 bus, plus the very occasional lift in my wife's car. And many of my friends are in the same position. So it would be a tragedy if we lost this very valuable and reliable service. Please save it!"
Alan C, 30 September

"The 94 bus is an essential lifeline for older people to get into Bath and Trowbridge. Also links with the RUH buses. Only viable alternative is using a car."
Roger P, 30 September

"I am concerned that rural communities may suffer and that our own bus service may be cut back."
Mark R, 30 September

"Public transport is crucial for rural areas It also allows easy access to Bath with all its necessary amenities. Taking a car into Bath is no longer financially viable. Please retain the 94 bus and D1 Thank you."
Mary B, 30 September

"I recognise how vital regular bus service is to rural communities - particularly to those who do not drive."
Barbara F, 30 September

"I am an occasional user of the 94 bus. More importantly I am a volunteer driver for the elderly people in Freshford and Limpley Stoke who depend on this service to get to and from their homes. The hills in the locality make it impossible to walk up from the D1 bus stop at the River Bridge."
Lucy P, 30 September

"This is an essential rural service, many people depend on it, and it needs to be retained"
Jon P, 30 September

"Our 3 teenage children need the service to get to school/social and sport events/jobs"
Harriet F, 29 September

"My husband and i are senior citizens, like many others we'd like to be able to have a bus option to move around."
Adriana F, 29 September

"I rely on this bus to get me to my osteopath appointments and the RUH for breast cancer treatment. I am 79 years old and will have to move if the bus is suspended."
Penelope B, 29 September

"Ive got family in chew valley that can no longer come and see me, its insulting to have an entire community cut off, specially with the volume of young and elderly residents that have no other form of transport."
Nathan, C, 29 September

"Rural communities need proper transportation offerings"
Alan H, 29 September

"Fed up with our money not being spent wisely a good bus service is so important to the community"
Dawn W, 29 September

"Public transport service has been trashed and Westlink is just not a good alternative. People need certainty when using it for commuting and the like. Westlink does not offer this"
Peter C, 29 September

"we are completely isolated without a bus service. Can't drive, no car, then you've had it, we don't have any shops etc and have to travel miles to the nearest facility along narrow country lanes with no footpaths or lighting, not safe for those on foot and the elderly! Withdrawing what was a skeleton bus service was a backward step."
Jacqui W, 29 September

"Because the lack of services supporting our rural communities and the aged is criminal"
David H, 29 September

"It is very important not to isolate communities."
Lynda D, 29 September

"I use the bus occasionally. Others depend on it as their sole means of transport"
Anne F, 29 September

"We need regular, reliable and affordable buses serving all communities across the south west including Bath and north east Somerset"
Mark B, 29 September

"We are supposed to be discouraging car usage and cleaning up our air which requires reliable and extensive provision of public transport especially in rural areas. It is counter productive to cut bus routes and waste money on gimmicks like birthday buses! More services should be provided not less."
Meriel R, 29 September

"There has been a dramatic reduction in bus services in recent years at a time when we need to use public transport more, not less."
Edward G, 29 September

"I can't drive and stuck to get anywhere."
Tin W, 29 September

"Because the village bus services are a lifeline for many people. The timings of our local one are missing appropriate user needs eg school times. How can pollution levels be reduced when bus services are inadequate and cars have to be used?"
Jane H, 29 September

"It’s vital that rural communities have alternatives to private transport"
Andrew P, 29 September

"Supporting local communities. We need to stay connected."
Jo C, 29 September

"People known to me are isolated because of poor services/ no service, leading to mental health problems."
Christina S, 29 September

"We need our buses back!"
Ayesha A, 29 September

"The loss of rural transport isolates rural communities and adds to rural poverty. Additionally it increases inner city pollution and traffic as rural residents become reliant on cars for transportation."
Amanda P, 29 September

"Rural transport links are essential. Reinstate them please."
Rupert T, 29 September

"Removing buses forces many more private vehicles onto the roads making a mockery of Clean air zones."
Rosamund M, 29 September

"Bus services have become progressively worse since privatisation. Routes should be subsidised to encourage people to use public transport. Too often people have to rely on taking cars because the bus services are inadequate and don't run at times when you need them."
Colin M, 29 September

"If a car is not an option, a lot of our village residents are stranded without a bus service. I used to travel by bus myself to get into Bath for work as a greener alternative to my car - now don't have that choice"
Jonathan J, 28 September

"The loss of the 179 in Farmborough means that a trip to Bath now takes 90 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes, which is just not feasible for people needing access to education or work in the city. WESTLink does not provide a workable regular service that people need here. Residents are moving or taking to their cars as a result of the changes."
Sam R, 28 September

"We need this service for those that don't have a car or can't drive to get out and not be isolated at home feeling a loss of independence and putting their mental health at risk"
Gemielle D, 28 September

"For a rural community buses are vital, probably more so than urban areas"
Peter T, 28 September

"i use the bus"
Tim T, 28 September

"We need the local bus in Limpley Stoke, particularly the older residents."
Pamela G, 28 September

"Every town and village must have a, reasonable, bus service. This should be a basic right, to enable society - particularly its most vulnerable members - to function properly."
Neil B, 28 September

"My husband and I are regular users of this bus service and would be very sad to see it go"
Lisa B, 28 September

"We need our local buses, just like we need our local train stations that were all shut down, listen to the public....."
Margaret L, 28 September

"Without the 94 we cannot get into Bath for shopping, prescriptions, and entertainments."
David G, 28 September

"I believe the money should be spent on improving regular services"
Antoni Z, 28 September

"The new westlink service is utterly unreliable and not fit for purpose. We need an improvement and a regular service so I can use the bus to get to work!"
Charlotte W, 28 September

"Living in a small village without any facilities, not wishing to drive to Bath or wherever, I am increasingly dependent on the local bus service."
Caroline K, 28 September

"I’ve spent my whole life on the bus and only learnt to drive at 35 yrs. It is crucial that buses make it easy to’ ‘Not Drive’ and also to realise that buses are a lifeline. Let’s make buses work- OUTSIDE OF LONDON."
Jessica M, 27 September

"So many neighbours rely on this bus and don’t have a good alternative. Please do t leave them stranded. Rural settings shouldn’t be isolating for those living there or a preserve of the car driver"
Emma S, 27 September

"I don't have a car and rely on our village bus to get to work. I am fed up with this attitude towards the public particularly those of us who live in a village. We have as much right to public transport as those in a city."
Elayne R, 27 September

"Come on- how can we ever cut vehicle traffic and CO2 emmisions without a decent bus service!!"
Keith C, 27 September

"The 94 bus is critical to the future of of Freshford and other rural villages."
Richard B, 27 September

"Bus services are vital for the local community and will help get cars off the roads!"
Nick H, 27 September

"As I get older I am finding that not having a village bus more than a little inconvenient. There is no village shop so the effort of getting essential items is so much more difficult. Car? you might say! Many of us do not have a car and some of us that do suffer the stress of of heavy traffic and the hassle of parking in town."
John W, 27 September

"As an employer I am continually frustrated that team members are left stranded either coming to or from our company HQ. At least twice a week I have to drive to fetch them or drop them off when their booking is cancelled at the last minute"
Mick U, 27 September

"When visiting Bath using public transport, we use the 94 cross county bus to access family in remoter villages, and are very worried at the imminent cuts as it’s a vital link."
Amanda S, 27 September

"The Westlink experiment is hopeless. It’s unreliable to the point that I have had to buy a car after 3 years of happily relying on the 672. It’s a complete joke. You can’t book until the day before, you can’t guarantee a bus and you can’t guarantee a time. All basic requirements of a bus service. We may lose an expensive employee with all the obvious costs and loss of profits because of Westlink. It’s simply unacceptable."
Sally C, 27 September

"The 94 bus is an absolute godsend to me as it is the only way I can get anywhere when my car is out of action. I am almost in my 80s and will be lost if the 94 bus is taken away from us"
Lesley A, 27 September

"Please reintroduce a commuter service like the old 672 as the current system is unfit for purpose."
Roger S, 27 September

"Because I like to use the bus where possible as number of passengers per square metre of road space and per unit of energy used reduce congestion, consumption and emissions compared to 1 or 2 in a car. Latter is often unavoidable so we must do something for the environment."
Alan S, 27 September

"On a personal basis, our local bus (94) is a lifeline for many residents and, although handy for me now, it was also my security for old age when I could use it for the community shop and post office, my doctor’s surgery, the hospital, supermarkets, leisure activities and socialising. On a wider basis, we need to get people onto buses instead of in cars to help the fight against climate warming and to reduce pollution in our towns and cities."
Susan D, 27 September

"We are a village with an elderly population who do not all drive, so have no means of getting to shops."
Gillian W, 27 September

"Our village of Priston now has to rely on the kindness of neighbours to get us where we want to go if we don't /can't drive. I still do drive and am happy to help. But I'm 78, am NOT a bus service, and can't go on for ever."
Aylet A, 27 September

"Because our local bus is under threat of removal due to lack of funding - a relatively small amount that WECA could well provide."
Des W, 27 September

"Our village with no shop or Post Office needs public transport. We should not be forced to always use cars."
Doug P, 27 September

"The lack of a bus service causes isolation for the most vulnerable, affects those less well off who don’t have cars and is a reasonable expectation by the community to retain what has been effective and efficient in the past. Those most needing should not be penalised due to bureaucratic incompetence."
Stephen L, 27 September

"Bus services are vital to communities in Somerset"
Madeleine H, 27 September

"Local buses are vital to village life"
Penny H, 27 September

"Our weekly 757 bus service was cancelled earlier this year leaving OAP's and vulnerable residents without reliable public transport. Please can this service be reinstated"
Michael C, 27 September

"Public transport is a public right"
Robert J, 26 September

"Because we need regular local buses.not some complicated, confusing booking system"
Virginia L, 26 September

"We’re supposed to be getting greener as a society and relying on single car use less and public transport is getting worse and worse. There is no way for any of of our family to get Bath without driving. Our children have to be completely reliant on other people driving them."
Halima D, 26 September

"Because its the only form of transport I've got and I look after my disabled husband and its the only freedom I get!"
Kate W, 26 September

"Local people need local transport - for those without cars and for environmental reasons."
David H, 26 September

"If I were unwell or not able to drive I have no other way of getting to doctor, dentist, clinic, hospital. I am 80 years old."
Enid L, 26 September

"•There are many residents in our village who used the bus service regularly to get into Bath. •It is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than using a car/cars. •We feel very cut off without a bus and it is impacting our lives greatly."
Catherine S, 26 September

"Our village needs one! Especially for the OAP’s who’s lives have been impacted by not having the option of public transport on a regular schedule."
Rosalind S, 26 September

"Because of the impact on the elderly in our rural community who have had their independence taken away from them by this draconian move. Also because rural residents are in a lose/ lose situation. No buses, ever decreasing street parking spaces, a Park and Ride which stops far to early at night ln Bath and ever increasing parking charges. If you want us to stop using our cars then we need a proper bus service in the rural areas."
Helen B, 26 September

"The loss of the bus services in rural areas and the south of Bristol has further hit those hard who are already being hit by constant cuts to public services. Those making the decisions need to live a day in the lives of normal, everyday people to see how this is affecting those who rely on public transport."
Holly W, 26 September

"Because we have no bus in Ashton Vale leaving the elderly and disabled people with no transport"
Ann-Marie P, 26 September

"I much prefer a regular bus service that can be reasonably predicable, even if infrequent."
Nick S, 26 September

Colin G, 26 September

"we want our buses back!!!!!!"
Veronica G, 26 September

"These buses are a lifeline for small villages. The elderly and those without cars depend on these services"
Alison R, 26 September

"At some point I’ll be told I can’t drive any more. So what happens then? No no.94, no way to get about, life closes in."
Sally P, 26 September

"it affects me and my friends in Freshford"
Nadine C, 26 September

"Very concerned at the imminent threat to all vital local bus routes .WESTLINK isn’t working in our area and were hopeless when contacted . This loss of public transport goes against all the touted Net Zero initiatives ."
Jane T, 26 September

"I am very concerned about the threat to the cross country Somt/Wilts bus 94 which is a vital link onwards when arriving in Bath by train to the villages of Monkton Combe ,Limpley Stoke and Freshford .I use this bus to visit family and I know this route is regularly used by commuters ,schoolchildren and like me ,the elderly .We have no viable alternative if the funding for this is not restored. This threat is happening all over N Somerset and causing great distress to the population . It is also going against all green policies ."
Gloria T, 26 September

"Withdrawal of rural bus services doesn't just affect those who use the service regularly. Others planning to get rid of their car for financial or environmental reasons need to know that public transport will be available. Without that more cars get purchased, often unnecessarily. Public transport used to be a service that facilitated rural life but without it those who can are forced to use private transport which adversely impacts the environment. use the budget allocated to maintaining rural transport sensibly please."
Patrick L, 26 September

"System seems over complicated"
Judith S, 26 September

"Absolutely necessary to have a scheduled bus service, - from experience Westlink is not and cannot be a substitute, especially both for advance plans like medical appointments or last minute shopping. For a village like ours so close to Bath not to have a direct link is inconceivable."
Gillian O, 26 September

"I am pleading with you to continue the 94 bus service through Freshford. This is an invaluable link with Bath and Trowbridge for our rural community. It also reduces car use, so much better for the environment."
Lucilla S, 26 September

"People need more access and regular services through public transport."
June P, 26 September

"1. The axing of the 82 through Westfield has caused hardship for a good number of local elderly residents that relied heavily on it. 2. We are trying to stop people using cars but cutting the public transport - where's the logic in that?"
Tracey S, 26 September

"its important that the Chew valley stays connected with an afforadble public transport system"
Tim R, 26 September

"My mother can not drive and is 79 and her only to get shopping etc"
Mark A, 25 September

"Westlink app is hopeless for older/IT phobes. Bring back proper buses!"
Robert P, 25 September

"We desperately need a bus in our village. How will young people get to college, how will people get to work!? We are meant to be trying to save our planet and yet we are forced in to using our cars."
Colleen T, 25 September

"The 94 bus is a lifeline for a huge amount of people who live in these rural areas. I myself use it a lot and there are a lot of people who do not drive anymore and who would find it extremely difficult to get into Bath."
Jill W, 25 September

"The bus is important for the elderly and young without cars and also for those with cars to use them less particularly going into Bath."
Tina B, 25 September

"The possible loss of the 94 Bus linking Trowbridge to Bath via Freshford will leave us busless and at nearly 88 years old its 2 mile walk to any other forms of transport. The express D2X bus passes our house and is always nearly empty (double decker bus). The first one is at 0430 in the morning who had this bright idea ?"
Brian P, 25 September

"By stopping the 94 bus the young and elderly will be isolated within their villages, unable to do their shopping and keep hospital appointments. We only have one bus service Bath to Trowbridge, you cannot go anywhere else. To stop the 94 service would be a total disgrace."
Jean H, 25 September

"Stop ignoring the needs of so many voters who used to trust you"
Ronald H, 25 September

"I am a resident of Wiltshire, but the refusal of WECA to support rural bus services is jeopardising routes which run through Wiltshire to BANES. Small rural communities will be badly affected."
Duncan F, 25 September

"There are quite a number of people in our village of Camerton who don't have their own transport and have to rely on public transport. There are no shops in Camerton, people are isolated and with winter coming it could get depressing."
Brian E, 25 September

"Villages need to be connected to the wider world. Otherwise Villages will die."
Malcolm A, 25 September

"I use the bus service and I know many people who rely on it for their regular transport into Bath. It is a lifeline for residents who cannot drive."
Rosemary M, 25 September

"I think the loss of the rural buses is appalling, with particularly the older generation (of which I am one), being the ones to suffer. Isolation is debilitating, and the loss of any transport only exacerbates it."
Diana C, 25 September

"Our bus services need full funding to enable access for all across the whole area"
Sarah M, 25 September

"Public transport is a critical part of our response to climate change. We can't expect people to use their cars less if there's no realistic alternative. We should be providing more buses, not less."
Jane S, 25 September

"Bus services are now totally unreliable with many buses cancelled without notice. Routes have been cancelled and we are forced to use cars rather than public transport."
Norman J, 25 September

"The West Link dial a ride is no substitute for a regular service that we can rely on."
John M, 25 September

"The bus systems broken and unreliable"
Mary H, 25 September

"How can WECA be serious about engaging rural residents in "modal shifts" to enable the famed "Journey to Net Zero" when reliable, predictable public transport (sic) alternatives to the car are taken away"
David O, 25 September

"The 94 bus is a vital link for so many people who are otherwise going to have to use cars (bad for the environment) rely on others using cars (equally bad for the environment) or staying at home!"
Magi F, 25 September

"To keep this essential service for our village."
Danielle M, 25 September

"The 94 bus is a vital access route for village residents as well as to reduce car usage across the villages in Wiltshire and Bath. It provides a critical cross county service for schools, health care, shopping etc."
Nicola S, 25 September

"People need a bus service."
Richard C, 25 September

"To keep villagers linked with bath"
Joanne G, 24 September

"Restoration of rural bus services is essential"
Lucy H, 24 September

"I live in the country. Give people regular and more than once a day bus routes. If you're serious about reducing carbon emissions buses have to be on offer."
Ruth G, 24 September

"We live in an area of Keynsham with many elderly people who have no transport or access to same. We have no direct service to Bath, health care issues, others working there are now facing difficulty,and regular reliable services seem to be thing of the past"
Andrew H, 24 September

"Because I have friends living in villages just outside of Bath and the bus service is terrible. I don't drive now so rely on the bus to get me to see them."
Jennifer Y, 24 September

"The bus is a necessary part of so many residents lives, it is vital to many communities that it is not lost."
Jessie F, 24 September

"I am signing this petition due to the fact you have cut a much needed bus service, that served Timsbury, Meadgate, Tunley and so on! Many people used this service for work or for leisure and many people are now having to take a longer route into Bath because this "country bus" was taken off! Some people used the bus for there wellbeing and many are now stuck at home looking at four walls. The 179 needs to be reinstated as a matter of priority to timsbury residents"
Kate K, 24 September

"Because keeping a regular bus service from my village High Littleton is of paramount importance to me and the community"
Sarah H, 24 September

"We purchased our house in Freshford a year ago partly because this bus service would afford young daughter some independence and to take the bus to and from school. It provides a vital connection for many people in the commmuity"
Alex G, 24 September

"Agree that bus service is critical and reduces traffic issues."
Phillippa L, 24 September

"The loss of rural buses will add to peoples isolation in particular for the elderly and the young. With the increased costs of parking and the introduction of emission charges in both Bath & Bristol there should be consideration for a better infrastructure in place and not loss of regular services and reduction of services. It should be the other way around, more transport available."
Jayne L, 24 September

"I live in a rural community. My son relies on the 94 bus to get to school and I also have neighbours who have no transport and this bus is a lifeline for them to be able to get in to town (both Bath and trowbridge) for shopping and other essentials"
Robert T, 24 September

"My mum (81) and brother (disabled and living with cancer) relied on this service to care for each other. Now they rely on lifts which they can get much less regularly"
Beverley F, 24 September

"To leave people in villages with no form of transport is shocking especially for the elderly who now can’t keep their independence."
Linda H, 24 September

"It is essential that people have the facility to travel from their home not just for leisure purposes (although that is important for mental health) but to see doctors, shopping, business, chemists etc. Not everyone has access to a car and if there is no bus service they remain isolated at home. Please do not inflict this on people but ensure that there is a bus service to provide transport for all."
Diana A, 24 September

"There are still people in my community, Tunley, who do not drive or who cannot afford a car, who are entirely dependent on the bus service to access the many facilities in Bath city centre."
Clare H, 24 September

"My son now has to walk down dark country lanes to Dunkerton in the morning to catch a bus."
Cheryl I, 24 September

"This is the next village to us. If it can happen to them...."
Kirsten M, 24 September

"It’s a vital service for a lot of people in this area. There are people with special needs that use the bus also people without cars and the elderly. It’s also become a mobile meeting place. Which I think is essential in this day and age with so many mental health problems."
Jackie K, 24 September

"Buses are vital for rural communities and help to reduce congestion and our carbon emissions."
Robert H, 24 September

"In rural communities if you’re able to afford a car then no problem! But if you don’t have one, can’t drive, or your car is out of action you are completely stuck! For young and old a bus service is paramount!!!"
Rebecca D, 24 September

Emma C, 24 September

"We need to keep buses running to more rural locations"
Katy G, 23 September

"It has become really difficult for those villagers who used to rely on the previous bus service to use the new service which is now infrequent and unreliable in terms of timing."
Fiona C, 23 September

"There are a lot of people who rely on the buses who are now stranded in their homes. Come on and look after these people."
Thelma B, 23 September

"I am clerk to Shoscombe Parish Council and we fought hard to prevent our regular bus service being taken away even though we were given very little time to submit objections. The present WECA service has many issues with people sometimes unable to book a bus or the bus veering off the route to pick others up unexpectedly making the existing passengers late for medical appointments."
Jean F, 23 September

"For rural communities, a regular bus service is essential"
Chris E, 23 September

"My son, daughter in law and grandchildren live in village and my only way of getting to him is by bus"
Lynne W, 23 September

"I use the bus to Bath as it’s better than driving in from Westwood. Please don’t remove this bit of pleasure from us."
Leslie W, 23 September

"This is our village bus and serves other villages such as Monkton Combe and Limpley Stoke. Quite a number of residents do not drive anymore and rely on the 94 bus to get to Bradford and Bath for hospital and doctor visits as well as shopping. We really value our bus. At a time when public transport is a greener option than use of individual cars we should be looking to the future"
Janet P, 23 September

"Because I use the bus to Bath."
Valerie W, 23 September

"I am a non driver and a senior citizen and need our regular buses back. The Westlink bus has proved unreliable. "
Christine O, 23 September

"We could manage with 1 car when we had a regular bus service. Now we need 2 cars to live in Tunley"
Sian E, 23 September

"I cannot drive. I cannot walk to any existing public transportation. I live in a rural village and have relied on the 768 bus for the past 25 years. The bus service was removed in June. Westlink is not easy for me to use and it is not always available. Westlink is not a viable alternative for anyone who is a student or working in Bath. We need a bus service."
Evelyn C, 23 September

"I have mobility issues and the buses being cut are making us more isolated."
Lorraine P, 23 September

"82 &179 bus remove"
Bernard N, 23 September

"I’m signing this petition because the No94 provides a vital and time-tabled service between Freshford and Bath and between Freshford and Trowbridge. Unless WECA passes on the money it has received from central government, which is earmarked for supporting local bus services, the No94 will cease to operate. It is within the power of WECA to prevent that from happening."
M H D, 23 September

"It’s a lifeline to Freshford/Westwood villages"
Stewart C, 23 September

"I am a mum of teenagers who will use this service. I also see its value in terms of mobility for residents who don't have cars and older people in our community."
Elizabeth W, 23 September

"Lifeline to our village of freshford/Westwood"
Frances C, 23 September

"Local buses are essential fir all of us who do not or no longer drive. Whethet travelling for essential (shopping, medical appointmentsxetc) or to see family or friends, availability of a regular bus service enables us to get there!"
Georgina P, 23 September

"Its absolutely no joke. As a disabled person living in PSJ I can no.longer access a bus service that used to have a stop right at the top of my road. I'm trapped to the 'good days' I am able to safely drive. This bus also gave direct access to the Circle Hospital thats is now part of the RUH. Patients and their visitors cannot get a bus to the hospital and instead have to fight for limited parking or park in Orchard Way."
Eloise S, 23 September

"Villages cannot survive without good transport links. People need to get to Bath for many reasons but most importantly work."
Catherine M, 23 September

"Buses have been cut and Westlink is not a suitable option for many stranded people."
Cynthia W, 23 September

"NES including Keynsham have very poor/ non existent bus services which are a life line to many people."
Brian W, 23 September

"We have no buses anymore!"
Lloyd R, 23 September

"It is a vital service to our rural communities and doesn't cost a lot from the overall transport budget"
Lizanne P, 23 September

"I want to use a local bus service to access local places with no car"
Anthony P, 23 September

"Because every effort to promote active travel and fewer car miles requires a better bus service"
John L, 23 September

"I am now a bus pass holder and use the buses regularly. The local buses are vital for older people in our village who are without cars! Some are now prisoners in their homes because they are not capable of walking to bus stops in the village to access the First Bus service! We need the 82 service reinstated."
Martin R, 23 September

"It is important for everyone to have transport available for employment, medical or other reasons to get to the necessary centres of these facilities."
Diana L, 23 September

"We need a regular bus route to be able to get to places from Westwood, not everyone has a car, especially some of the elderly in the village"
Gail F, 23 September

"This bus is the only one with a route that weaves through the residential streets close enough for frail elderly to get on near their doors. It was well used and cutting it isolated the most vulnerable. Getting the bus back is essential for the regular users to have their independence and social contact back. They can’t walk far enough to be able to use other services."
Nicki H, 23 September

"The 94 bus is a vital rural service connecting villages between Trowbridge and Bath. It must continue.; This rural bus service is essential for some members of our community who have no car, for others it a way to avoid using a car to travel to Bath or Trowbridge, reducing pollution and congestion, for others it is a way of getting to school."
Peter D, 23 September

"Westwood elderly residents are totally dependent on this bus. To remove it would be a huge loss for them and I would go so far as to say that it would affect their mental and physical health."
Susan Margaret L, 23 September

"For the elderly of the village."
Rachel M, 23 September

"From Timsbury and surrounding villages we can't get a bus to Bath. Personally we Bath is where we have most of our contacts and hospital. And the West Link has been a farce. The App did not even recognise the Odd Down Park and Ride."
Chris G, 23 September

"My mobility is not good. I don't drive. My only available transport for doctors, dentists etc. is the 94 bus"
Penelope J, 23 September

"Our bus service is invaluable for those of us who need to retain independence and are unable to drive. It is an environmental necessity to have public transport."
Lynda M, 23 September

"Because I think good bus services are very important for the environment, to limit congestion and socially"
Jane B, 23 September

"We see more and more facilities being withdrawn from the village and dwindling means of travel to get them in town."
Adrian D, 23 September

"The 94 bus service is a vital transport link for rural dwellers who will struggle to access essential amenities and grapple with social isolation without it."
Candy H, 23 September

"To get our village bus service back"
Martha W, 23 September

"I think that it is crucial that we invest in bus services to encourage people out of their cars, to help reduce pollution, reduce traffic on our roads and to increase social cohesion."
Nick C, 23 September

"Bring them back!"
Clare S, 23 September

"I moved here because there was a bus service as I get old"
Tony M, 23 September

"Villages are being cut off, everyone should have easy access to public transport. Not everyone has a car. The speed of traffic on some local roads is too fast and there aren't pavements to reduce the risk to pedestrians. Children and young people need to get to school/college, older people need to go shopping safely. Please reinstate regular bus routes for our villages."
Jacqueline P, 23 September

"It is vital that people in rural areas can still get about on public transport. Many are unable to drive and of course it's a classic 'catch 22' situation. Please don't use your cars and oh by the way there will be no more buses!"
Jennifer H, 23 September

"I have young family growing up in rural village"
Belinda W, 23 September

"I live in a rural village with lack of pubic transport"
Pamela Y, 23 September

"The Westlink is a great idea but massively oversubscribed now and I can never get it when I need it. I would like to not always need to drive."
Coral W, 23 September

"The 94 bus service between Trowbridge and Bath, calling at Freshford, is an essential and well-used service, I use it regularly, and should definitely be properly funded and retained."
Jonathan P, 23 September

"We need a bus service from our village for our kids. Teenagers wanting independence are stuck in rural villages, dependent on working parents, unsafe lanes to cycle, poorly surfaced roads, poorly managed excessive speeding."
Michael N, 23 September

"This service is a lifeline for all our community, particularly the more elderly. It is essential for access to medical appointments, shopping trips and social activities. Where’s our fair share of all this money that’s supposed to keep cars off the road and prevent isolation?"
Stephanie J, 23 September

"The raft of local measures to limit traffic related pollution are meaningless, without a fair public transport option."
Kate M, 23 September

"Essential service"
Emma C, 23 September

"Buses need to be run locally by a group of people who understands their value."
Andrew W, 23 September

"The only rational way for villagers (particularly old ones) to reach Trowbridge and Bath."
John N, 23 September

"We only live 5 miles from Bath on a busy road and the bus route used to run through here for nearly 80 years!! Now nothing!!! So many residents in our village are stranded now it’s a disgrace"
Marya T, 23 September

"We desperately need the 82 bus back loads of people can't get out with out it shopping drs appointments ect"
Michelle R, 23 September

"It is essential to maintain bus services to rural communities. There are no local facilities these days."
Anthony H, 23 September

"I use the No.94 Freshford bus fairly regularly and it is under threat. A bus to a park and ride stop wouldn;'t work for me with a toddler/pushchair to also transport when the current bus service takes me straight into town,"
Rhiannon M, 22 September

"So many people in Freshford rely on the bus which serves many villages between Bath and Trowbridge. Why offer birthday bus passes when the money could be used to ensure essential services?"
Patricia S, 22 September

"Without the bus my son would be unable to get to college"
Gary M, 22 September

"Local residents are facing challenges due to the absence of local bus services, while WECA is allocating funds to initiatives that many consider less beneficial to the community."
Cllr Onkar S, 22 September

"This is a necessary service. Particularly through Westwood. If is anti carbon emission conscious to force people to move or buy a car. Some people choose not to pollute, they refuse to drive cars. How can this eco conscious behaviour become a way of life if community services are cut."
Daen C, 22 September

"We are affected by this as we live on the Wiltshire Somerset border, and our local bus, the 94, which serves the villages between Trowbridge and Bath, in both counties, is now only funded by Wiltshire and under threat of being scrapped. This is will especially affect the more vulnerable, who are unable to drive - eg, schoolchildren, the old, the disabled and also people who are unable to afford the cost of running a car, especially relevant with the current increased cost of living. It is, quite frankly, absolutely shameful."
Louise O, 22 September

"Because the 94 bus in my village is a much needed service"
Juliet L, 22 September

"I want a bus service that serves Tunley."
Hans B, 22 September

"I live in Freshford and with parking, congestion and environmental issues in mind, our essential trips to Bath are a nightmare if the #94 bus were not available. I know several villagers who have used the new green 'on demand' bus, in which WECA has invested huge sums of public funds, and it is NOT cost effective and doesn't come close to meeting the level of service of the 94 bus. As for the 'birthday month free travel deal' - this is just an expensive and useless gimmick and most certainly will not attract additional users of the bus. It seems that the funds are there - please spend them in a way that genuinely benefits the rural (and metropolitan) communities. The solution is obvious and the resources are there - given some basic commonsense."
Peter K, 22 September

"There is a climate emergency, an aging population and closure of rural services mean that we need more efficient and low carbon public transport to serve the rural communities."
Tania P, 22 September

"Leave in Tunley so close to Bath but so far without any buses coming through. The nearest bus stop is too far to walk to and it’s too dangerous as no pavements on a very busy windy road. We can’t cycle as same dangers especially for my children now teenagers trying to be independent to meet friends in Bath. Buses was the only way for them to be independent to travel to town or come back from school when we are at work. I have had to now change my work hours to accommodate school lifts. It doesn’t make sense to reduce traffic and pollution and at the same time cut buses to villages isolated without a car. But some main small towns can have many different buses going every half hour all day but at some time with 3 in a bus. We don’t ask for half hour regular services just sensible times for work and school and a couple in the day for shopping. Please really think of the long term impact it’s going to have on communities"
Kristell D, 22 September

"Its my only form of transport"
Tessa K, 22 September

"Because we have no bus service and it is a complete farce this free birthday month pass."
Judith M, 22 September

"As a Parish Councillor"
Jon M, 22 September

"We need a Bus to get us to the Park and ride at least as I am disabled."
Matthew H, 22 September

"1. An efficient, effective bus service is a basic requirement and human right for rural communities, even where individual services may not yield a “profit.” 2. ALL local authorities and central government and opposition parties claim to be committed to addressing the climate emergency. Rural bus services are universally acknowledged as a key component. 3. Withdrawal of rural services contributes to social and economic isolation and a deterioration in the wellbeing of vulnerable people. This is potentially actionable in terms of the Equality Act 2010."
Tony N, 22 September

"Rural areas need reliable public transport."
Sue G, 22 September

"I am a regular user of the 94 bus from Freshford to Bath. Many elderly residents are totally dependent on the bus for their daily needs."
Julian C, 22 September

"The WestLink service seems to be designed to fail - it is no substitute for a scheduled bus service."
Richard B, 22 September

"We are in a Climate crisis. We are in a cost of living Crisis. Can someone explain why cutting local bus services is a winner."
Jacky C, 22 September

"Buses are important in rural communities, particularly for the independence of older people."
Carolyn B, 22 September

"Bath and NE Somerset deserves a first class bus service"
Malcolm T, 22 September

"I feel it is very important to keep the 94 bus running and any other rural buses. Not everyone has a car and even if they do keeping rural buses running saves energy and gives people a viable alternative. Here in Freshford the bus is part of our community and although not always full provides an invaluable service."
Barbara E, 22 September

"Please bring back a bus that takes 30 min to get into town. Not one that goes all around the houses, especially of well serviced areas such as peasedown. The time it takes on the 522 to get from Timsbury or Bath will put off anyone needing/ wanting to take public transport !!!"
Ellen T, 22 September

"My kids and I relied on the 672 to get to Bristol on weekends for Saturday jobs, and social outings. DRT is unpredictable, unreliable and mostly unavailable!! Stop wasting money on things like “birthday month free travel” and just provide proper bus routes or link routes from rural areas to the main link routes"
Susanna W, 22 September

"I can no longer visit friends in Tunley when I come to Bath. I do not have a car and rely on public transport"
Frances P, 22 September

"To stop our village from being left without any buses at all!!!!!"
Elaine G, 22 September

"There are too many elderly villagers who rely on these services and also for my children who struggle to get back from school without a reliable bus service from town."
Joelle B, 22 September

"Because our only bus service, the 757 Wednesday shoppers bus, was axed in April. This service was vital to residents from Shoscombe, Wellow and Combe Hay who cannot drive, to do weekly shopping in Midsomer Norton. It also provided the opportunity for these residents to meet up with one another once a week. The bus was a vital service to about 30 residents from these three villages."
Carolyn K, 22 September

"All pensioners in Paulton are suffering without buses it's their only time to socialize and get out . unbelievable how they can stop their only means of transport"
Shannon see U, 22 September

"This is for the people who need it - those in villages who are isolated and in desperate need of transport links"
Anne M, 22 September

"The 94 is a crucial service for the villages to the south of Bath. It's vital as a school service and connects the elderly to Bath. With the cost of parking and CAZ making it expensive to visit Bath, I believe that services will be used more heavily in the future. This is not the time to be withdrawing bus services, but rather a time to be increasing them"
Orla M, 22 September

"Public Transport is the futue"
Madeline A, 22 September

"As I get older I realise the importance of reliable transport for people without access to a car"
David D, 22 September

"Because Freshford and the surrounding community need their bus route. It is a vital link for many people."
Jill M, 22 September

"It's a vital link in our community used by many people but especially the elderly to get into Bath and Trowbridge People also use it to access the village shop if they live on the otherside of the village."
Deborah A, 22 September

"The Westlink 'service' is a joke. Please continue/reinstate proper buses!"
Susan E, 22 September

"It is vital for the welfare of us older residents in Freshord,Limpley Stoke And Westwood that the service is continued. Whilst Fresford does have a railway station it has no wheelchair access on one platform which also requires negotiating four flights of steps. The Government are committed to reducing use of personal cars. In addition parking spaces in Bath and Trowbridge is difficul. Removing the bus service is a step backwards and indicates that WECA do not have interest of their constituents at heart. These services are essential rather than spending the Government grant on other virtue signalling schemes."
John P, 22 September

"To leave isolated rural communities such as Freshford,comprised of many elderly residents,without any realistic and regularized form of public transport ( The train station is a difficult 10 minute walk away for many) is the height of irresponsibly,indicative of a complete lack of social care."
Roland B, 22 September

"This bus service is essential for so many in our community who wish to go to Bath. Even those with cars find the parking restrictions often beyond their understanding. Please don’t cut this vital service."
Mary S, 22 September

"To maintain the rural Bus Service that supports our community, which is becoming increasingly elderly and isolated, and to stop the waste of money on grandiose schemes for the self aggrandisement of the West of England Mayor."
Trevor Q, 22 September

"The unreliability of the WECA alternative. Rural reliable public transport is essential"
Elizabeth G, 22 September

"Public transport is essential for those living in rural areas and particularly with the climate crisis it is important to avoid as much car use as possible."
Christine B, 22 September

"We have No regular buses. To get to work you have to drive to the Park & Ride - which is still only operating 4 times an hour which was 5 times an hour prior to Covid..!! It is now almost impossible to work on Sundays as even the Park n Ride at Odd Down doesn’t start to operate until 9:30 am !!!! This is now a major problem since you can no longer park in any residents parking zone in town on Sundays - if you need to be at work before 10am you have no choice but to drive into Bath & to use a car park at aprox £16 for the day……"
Kirsty R, 22 September

"Strong and reliable bus services are the back bone of rural communities. Without an effective and accessible service, many residents (especially older people) are left isolated and stranded at home. This is totally unacceptable. Freeing some of the money the WECA Mayor is spending on vanity projects will ensure local communities have a bus service they need and deserve"
Michael A, 22 September

"We need a local bus service No 94 for the village as there is no other public transport available."
Julie S, 22 September

"Rural areas need bus services to access work, education and health appointments. Free birthday journeys are worthless to those villages with no bus service. We pay council tax the same as those people in towns and deserve the same services."
Brenda W, 22 September

"We use our bus as it is inappropriate to use car transport to Bath."
Graham J, 22 September

"We need this service. Otherwise we have to take a car into Bath"
Christine T, 22 September

"This is an essential service"
Ken T, 22 September

"I’m a regular user of the no 94 bus"
Judith J, 22 September

"The bus service in Freshford is absolutely vital for non driving residents in their daily lives."
Elise M, 22 September

"It's a tragic loss of a community service"
Gavin B, 22 September

"The 94 bus is vital to the people of Westwood, Freshford, Limpley Stoke, Monkton Combe as well as Bath and Trowbridge. We need the bare minimum service for hospital dental and other appointments."
Jon R, 22 September

"We need reliable bus services that service residents throughout BANES. The current services are inadequate and put vulnerable people in areas of poor cover at further risk through not being able to reach work, community services, people to socialise with etc."
Caroline L, 22 September

"Buses are an essential part of life for elderly non-drivers. Even if the service is limited at least users can plan their lives around the timetable."
Philip C, 22 September

"It is vital that the West Wiltshire to Bath & North East Somerset bus service is retained at its current capacity. It serves schools, work places and businesses in both Trowbridge and Bath."
Barrie W, 22 September

"Madness given the climate emergency that we can’t sort out a bus for the Chew Valley, I need to commute to BRISTOL regularly and currently have to drive my car. Would much rather get a bus."
Nicola A, 22 September

"The 94 bus service is a vital service for our community. The cost of supporting this is a small fraction of the funds available. Cosmetic branding and birthday buses are of no value to the rural community which need this reliable, scheduled and much needed public transport"
Stephen A, 22 September

"The bus is by far the easiest way for older Freshford Villagers to get to Bath"
Bridget B, 22 September

"The 94 bus provides and essential service for my daughter to get to school and back. As a one-car working family we are not able to manage the logistics of school pick ups without this. It is also a more sustainable way of travel than multiple car journeys. And gives her an independent way of getting to school. My other daughter plans to join her travelling on the route when she starts secondary school next year."
Katie S, 22 September

"we are both 80 yrs old and depend on the bus."
Chris W, 22 September

"Buses are vital to independence in rural areas. Their use also reduces car emissions #winwin"
Selina H, 22 September

"If there is any hope to make bus travel a viable option you need to know approximately when it will arrive at the destination and to know that it will definitely turn up to get you home."
Victoria F, 22 September

"I support many people in rural BANES and North Somerset (running a befriending charity and coordinating volunteer drivers) who are struggling with Westlink to get to appointments or visit loved ones or get to work. Please provide some regular buses to prevent rural isolation"
Mary D, 22 September

"I'm a Paulton resident, person with a disability, and lifelong disability activist. As you will be aware, the local bus services in our area are now subject to cuts and route changes, which will leave people with a disability, older persons, and those unable to afford their own transport, (due to the 'cost of living' crisis), isolated, and potentially without access to other vital services and provisions. I feel it especially important, therefore, to keep what we do have. Aside the physical consequences of not being able to get where we need to, there is an enormous detrimental impact on a person's mental health and wellbeing, to consider. Given that there is already a national struggle to access mental health services, (and help for those with disabilities also), I would not want to see these problems escalated further. I realise that you may be getting a lot of correspondence regarding this issue, but as an activist with many years experience regarding the consequences of cuts in many types of services- (even more so since 2010), - I ask that you take this especially seriously. Y"
Helen S, 22 September

"It’s important to the village and surrounding areas that we keep our bus service"
Gillian W, 22 September

"This bus is a lifeline for us pensioners. We have already had our Saturday buses stopped . A lot of the elderly residents don't have transport and they will become isolated if this service is taken away from them."
Linda B, 22 September

"This affects the quality of life for so many including my elderly parents."
Lizzy W, 22 September

"I have booked Westlink three times to take me for my weekly food shop to Midsomer Norton. Each time I have been left stranded, with the last incidence leaving me in Midsomer Norton with two shopping bags and a back pack full of shopping. Unable to afford a taxi home, I had to catch the 172 to Skinners Hill and stagger back home along roads which lack pavements for the majority of the journey. This is not just my shopping problem. We have people here who need to get to work, go to collage. What do you want us to do? Buy cars we cant afford to run, can't park? What happened to helping people being less reliant on the car?"
Juanita L, 22 September

"Rural buses are a lifeline for the disadvantaged, isolated, and some commuters. Neglecting the social value of rural buses is shameful."
David H, 22 September

"We need to keep these vitals routes for elderly and children to be able to travel."
Gemma G, 22 September

"Living in Timsbury and the surrounding villages without a proper bus service to Bath is very difficult for very many residents. We need a regular bus service (not on demand buses) and not gimmicks such as free travel during birthday months."
Christine B, 22 September

"Freedom of movement is an absolute must for our residents and we must meet the needs of those that do not have access to their own transport. Funds are available, so there is not reason to cut these essential services"
Deborah T, 22 September

"The number 94 bus travels through village and is a vital service that my family and our villagers use regularly. I know of elderly villagers for whom the cessation if the service will cause total isolatIon , it is their only link to socialisation. Aside from this, the removal of the service is a step backwards from the county and country’s pledge to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging people out of thier cars and into public transport. You should be supporting and enhancing current services, not making cut backs and diverting funding to ridiculous and unnecessary schemes such as the laughable ‘birthday bus’ scheme."
Ann F, 22 September

"Our Bus service has been withdrawn completely.Your Birthday month free, a waste of money when the cost could be supporting existing rural Bus services."
Stephen B, 22 September

"I live in SPECKLEMEAD & the 80 bus has been taken off which is a life line to the older people around here for going shopping or even to the Doctors"
Angela Y, 22 September

"My wife and I are both in our seventies, we are now isolated in a village with no public transport."
John W, 22 September

"We have no bus in our village and we NEED one!"
Sarah L, 22 September

"We are told me must keep our cars out of Bath but our bus which was the alternative has been taken away. Therefore people like me with a car must use it to drive neighbours into town or our nearest park and ride."
Philippa G, 22 September

"Isolating people in rural communities is not acceptable."
Matt M, 22 September

"94 Bus. This bus is the only transport I can use from my village. I do not have any other way to get to medical and other appointments in Bath. This is a very important to me and my village. Many older people will become isolated and this bus is vital to us."
Patricia T, 22 September

"People need regular buses, connecting rural communities to town in our area."
Fiona G, 22 September

"We need A bus!!!"
Anita E, 22 September

"People in rural communities need buses"
Martin B, 22 September

"We need good public transport to reduce the number of cars on the road"
Steve H, 22 September

"What is the point of free buses for a month if there are no buses!? Stop the gimmicks, return the buses."
Julian S, 22 September

"I am an elderly resident in a rural situation & I need a regular bus service."
Susan B, 22 September

"Westlink does not offer a viable alternative. Offering a free bus for your birthday month is an empty offer if you can't get a bus. Totally ridiculous offering."
Helen N, 22 September

"It’s impossible to travel by public transport to or from the Chew Valley. Older people and teenagers have no future living there if isolated like this."
Peter W, 22 September

"My 15 year old daughter & her friends have no independence without a regular bus service"
Claire D, 22 September

"vital service for the elderly in rural settings should not be canceled."
William T, 22 September

"We need people to cut down on their car use. Without decent public transport this will not be possible!"
Sue C, 22 September

"The non drivers in the village of Tunley are completely cut off without the bus service , unable to reach shops, medical practices, schools and churches. Dial a bus is not working."
Diana P, 22 September

"The 94 bus serving Freshford is a vital link to Bath and Trowbridge for residents, particularly the elderly and school children. Residents can be confident with using the current service that they can get to Bath for medical, dental and eye appointments on time, which is not feasible with the current Westlink service which only takes passengers to the Park and Ride, when they then need to catch another bus into Bath. Surely a timed bus service is a much better use of funds that the Westlink coming to the village to take just one person to the Park and Ride."
Rowena W, 22 September

"Public transport is essential. We cannot imprison many people for whom public transport is their only available source of transport. It is better for everyone to have reliable buses, compared to personal cars by default."
Bharat P, 22 September

"Because communities are cut off, the demand responsive transport is great as an extra but is not a reliable replacements. It is completely unacceptable."
Alison B, 22 September

"There should be no reason a busy village 8 miles outside of Bath should be so cut off"
Anouchka S, 22 September

"We need regular and reliable public transport across B&NES"
Jess D, 22 September

"As a frequent user of bus services, I consider them vital and losing them can cause isolation and vulnerability."
Ann M, 22 September

"Rural communities need buses not gimmicks"
Deborah C, 22 September

"I now have a 15 minute walk to get a bus to visit my son and a 10 minute walk when I get off. I can manage at the moment but not when the winter comes. I'm 80years old. When the 82 bus came round the estates it was easy and I was not reliant on anyone else to get me where I wanted to go. It is no help if you have to book 2 or 3 days ahead. My independence has been severely curtailed and I don't like it.
Margaret D, 22 September

"Bus services to rural areas are in desperate need of improvement not reductions. No point having free Birthday Buses if there's no bus."
John B, 22 September

"We should be supporting children’s access to education. Children attending school in Bath, could get to school and back in 20 mins to/from Timsbury via the 179, which has now been cancelled. The 522 service takes a woeful 75 mins each way."
Alex L, 22 September

"There is no reliable public service in East Harptree. We are cut off from anywhere"
Tina W, 22 September

"There is most definitely a need for a reliable bus service to be re-instated. You are hitting the most vulnerable in our communities by having scrapped this"
Liz R, 22 September

"We need a bus service"
David C, 22 September

"Don’t have confidence in the West link service on a return trip to use."
A G, 22 September

"Rural communities NEED public transport or they will die"
Faye C, 22 September

"Because Westlink doesn’t work and isn’t available to all the public so is not public transport"
Alan P, 22 September

"Absolutely awful taking the regular buses off. These are the communities that need & rely on the service the most. The loss of the regular bus has affected people’s lives. My colleague's working day would be 8.30 -6pm. She would leave 7am & not arrive home until 9pm, if the bus turned up at all! Her life became turmoil not knowing if she could get to work or even be able to return home & what time! Dan Norris please, you need to be aware of the crisis you have created for these communities. Please give back to them a reliable service so they can go about their normal daily lives."
Sharon M, 22 September

"Because we need local direct bus services to Bath and Bristol, which has set times to arrive at the destinations, as we in the villages are cut off or can take up to 2 hours to get to Bath."
Mark S, 22 September

"Getting older and if unable to drive would be isolated as I'm in Chew Stoke with no facilities"
Catherine S, 22 September

"Regular buses are a necessity, especially for people who are unable to drive due to age, health, affordability and I’m sure other reasons. Please bring back our regular buses!"
Jess Y, 22 September

"Because my self and many othe elderly and people with disabilities, are isolated , after loss of our No 82 bus ."
Janet S, 22 September

"Supporting access to rural villages around Banes as I don't drive and have much family and friends in rural areas"
Jessica C, 22 September

"Absolutely disgraceful that the vunerable, elderly and those that cant drive are being penalised due to VITAL bus services such as the 82 being scrapped!!"
Helena R, 22 September

"I relied on the 672 to get to work on days I couldn't cycle, and my kids used I to get to Bristol Library to study. An on demand service, particularly one as unreliable as Westlink, is no use for commuting."
Kate T, 22 September

"I grew up in Stanton Drew and my family still live there. Rural areas need a regular timetabled bus service. It is vital. I don’t drive and the current service is unreliable and not fit for purpose."
Dawn P, 22 September

"I have a business in Bath and have to drive in now everyday instead of using a bus from Priston. My mother, who also works in town and doesn’t drive, is totally dependent on lifts and some days has to pay for a taxi to get home."
Claire L, 22 September

"Stop using money on promotion, we need a reliable bus in the Chew valley!"
Anna B, 22 September

"I’m totally isolated"
Emma R, 22 September

"The loss of these buses is tragic. Makes no sense when we are trying to reduce car pollution. Rural buses are a lifeline and should be a priority"
Madeleine R, 21 September

"We need our 179 bus brought back."
Val G, 21 September

"I have used public transport my entire life but am no longer able to do so. I live 6 miles from the RUH where I work and am unable to use the buses to get to work. I am disabled and unable to drive, without a doubt I am being discriminated against. In rural areas the buses are genuinely a lifeline, they must be restored."
Trudi G, 21 September

"I live just over a mile from 522 route. Potholed pavement, several crossing points, 75 minutes to get to Bath. The response that they are investing in better cycle routes is upsetting for those of us who cannot ride a bike and doesn’t seem very practical if youhave kids or shopping. Typical city oriented thinking."
Nicola C, 21 September

"We are old age pensioners of over 80 we rely on a bus for shopping, hospitals, eye tests etc. Please give us a bus through Tunley Meadgate and Camerton."
Bryn H, 21 September

"Because we need a proper bus service to let us live our lives . School, work, shops, nhs, dentist. Everything."
Marilyn W, 21 September

"If we haven't got buses it's really bad for a village, more car journeys and more pollution. Essential for young people and jobs."
Susan P, 21 September

"Because regular transport is so important to our community"
Barbara W, 21 September

"Timsbury needs these buses - they are essential to the community, they are the only means to commute into the bath if you do not have access to a car."
Jonny T, 21 September

"I need to be able to get a bus to go shopping and to go to appointments. The westlink is not a substitute for the local buses because it is not reliable. Recently it took me well over an hour to get from Bishop Sutton to Keynsham. That’s because it went via Bedminster and some other places. It’s a good job I didn’t have an appointment in Keynsham otherwise I would’ve been really late for it. At least with the old local buses they ran pretty much to time. I always knew roughly how long it would take me to get from A to B. With westlink I don’t know that because each time the journey takes a different length of time. That makes it very difficult for me to get to appointments on time. And then if I have a hospital appointment I don’t know how long it’s going to take me so I don’t know what time to book the return bus for. I can’t book westlink after my appointment because they are not normally available at short notice. The other thing about the old local buses is that they were part of the community. You saw the same people on the bus each time and everybody would say hello and chat and many of the drivers knew peoples names. That helps to combat loneliness, especially for elderly people who cannot get anywhere without buses. A lot of elderly people like me used the local buses and we miss them and need them back."
Hilary C, 21 September

"The 179 bus is so important to so many people along this buses route, we now feel and are isolated."
Gordon W, 21 September

"The cuts of the 179 service"
Pauline M, 21 September

"Because the present bus service in the small villages is a joke."
Nicky L, 21 September

"I have been forced into retirement due to 179 being taken away. The length of the journey and unreliability of replacement services made it impossible to continue. That’s without the fact people are left abandoned with no service: kids struggling to get to school, unsafe walks along narrow roads to another village, elderly people left unable to go shopping. This is just a few of many reasons to need the 179 and many other rural buses back. You need to stop cutting off villages and people from shops to family and friends."
Virginia T, 21 September

"It’s impacting my mental health not being able to just go and get a bus without having to worry about booking"
Holly B, 21 September

"Bus services have been cancelled in the surrounding villages, effectively cutting off these villages for non car users. In both Bath and Bristol, CAZ and RPZ parking have been enforced as an attempt to reduce cars. Regular and dependable bus services would have a far greater affect for this"
John P, 21 September

"This bus service is vital for Timsbury"
Margaret B, 21 September

"My family really need a bus from Tunley into Bath"
Vanessa B, 21 September

"We need a transport system for the community."
Peter R, 21 September

"Supposedly there is a push on green transport, using buses, cycles lanes, use the car less . Getting rid of our bus service goes against all that you are supposed to be promoting. It is deeply unfair on people living in rural areas and it is forcing people to move out of villages."
Sonia M, 21 September

"It is crucial to the wellbeing of those who are elderly, have disabilites or are on low incomes to be able to maintain their independence. Bus services are a crucial part of independence."
Laura S, 21 September

"The withdrawal of a bus service in Tunley has resulted in a number of houses now being sold, however the village has lost a vital service to attract new villagers, staff for local businesses etc. the provision of WESTlink does not work !"
Vikki B, 21 September

"Funding should be found to support all buses on all routes and additional routes if they deemed to be needed"
Karen W, 21 September

"The 179 was an essential service. The 522 takes far too long to reach Bath (an hour longer than the 20 minutes on the 179) and misses out a number of communities and WestLink won't take you to the city centre and is not able to meet demand. We need the 179/768 back."
Damien V, 21 September

"Villages like Timsbury are desperately in need of a reliable bus service, particularly for those without transport, both young and old."
Nicholas L, 21 September

"The 522 bus service (Bristol to Bath) is totally unsuitable for Timsbury residents who need to travel to Bath for education, work, health or leisure purposes. The 179 service needs to be reinstalled."
Shaun S, 21 September

"Tens of thousands of rural residents are missing out on vital bus services. A good level of service must be restored urgently."
Olivia L, 21 September